Investments in a working interest unit of a drilling or acquisition oil or gas well have certain risk factors that investors must understand.  Investors should have a professional advisor to review and evaluate the economic, tax, and other benefits / consequences of ownership of a working interest unit and are not to construe the contents of this web site, or any other information furnished by Arnco Oil & Gas as investment, legal, or tax advice.


Drilling for oil and gas involves a risk of partial or complete loss of investment and could result in non-profitable attempts through dry holes as  well as completed wells that do not  produce sufficient amounts to return a profit on the amount invested.  Therefore,  only risk monies should be invested.


In the public interest and for the protection of the investors, any kind of offer to sell or  solicit an offer to purchase oil or gas interest over the internet on a private funded basis is not allowed.  Before considering any kind of investment in oil or gas, investors should be acquainted with the company making the offer. 


There are risk factors and no guarantees in the oil and gas business, but for the few  who like pioneering and purchasing interest in current producing properties and qualify, oil and gas can be highly profitable.


The above statements are warnings to anyone thinking about investing in the oil and gas industry.


Arnco Oil & Gas suggest that you call and discuss your interest in oil and gas and use tax dollars only. 

Risk Factor

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