The Wolf River – Pall Mall Prospect is located in northeastern middle Tennessee near the Kentucky border and in Fentress County, Tennessee, approximately 12 miles north of Jamestown.


Numerous oil and gas pools and individual wells have been discovered and produced throughout Fentress and adjoining counties in middle Tennessee.


Arnco has approximately 2500 acres under lease on several adjoining tracks within Fentress County.  Arnco also has an option of an additional 15,000 acres that adjoins it’s acreage.


Arnco has discovered a significant new gas field within this area.  Since August 1996, Arnco has acquired a total of 21 wells within this area.  Seventeen of these were drilled by Arnco and four were old wells drilled by previous oil and gas operators.  Gas payzones in this field occurred within the Ft. Payne formation at depths ranging from 350’ to 500’.  Open flow tests for these wells range from 2.5 mmcf to 4 mmcf for a 12 hour test.

Arnco has signed a contract to sell gas to The Titan Energy Corporation.  Arnco has constructed a 12 mile pipeline and compressor to transport gas from there wells to The Titan Energy sales line.

 With the price of natural  at around $6.50 per MCF, Arnco Oil is evaluating the future prospect of drilling additional wells in the WOLF RIVER





















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