Arnco Oil & Gas has been in the oil and gas business in Tennessee for over 33 years. Irvin “Pug” Arnold ( 1918-2000 ) was the founder and president of Arnco Oil.  He was  in the oil and gas business for over 60 years.  Pug started his life-long career with the oil and gas business in Illinois as a roughneck, driller and gauger.  He soon became a production superintendent with an independent oil company and then finally owning his own business.


With the knowledge he received working in oil fields for over a decade, Pug formed his own company in Illinois.  He has achieved success with ventures in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.  He drilled and produced 44 consecutive wells in Ohio alone.


Pug has been successful in Tennessee for over 30 year.  He was well-known for drilling and producing the “Doc Billings” well in Overton County, Tennessee.  This well was the largest producing well in the history of the state of Tennessee.  It generated revenues of over $10,500,000 within a 10 year period, which is a state record and started an oil boom in the state that continues today.


With the passing of Mr. Arnold, his son Bruce Arnold took over the operations.  Bruce has been the field superintendent for Arnco Oil for over 25 years. Bruce began working in oil fields as a roughneck, rig operator, and pumper. This included running cable and service rigs.  His early experiences working with his father in the oil fields has prepared him for his current position as president of Arnco Oil & Gas.  Bruce and his staff at Arnco Oil & Gas are dedicated to being a leader in the oil and gas business.





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